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Some Updates to the IHP Forum
marc PRO
Hey, I just pushed an update to the IHP forum. Here's the most important changes: It's now integrated into the main IHP website instead of running at You can now log in with GitHub If you log in via GitHub you…
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Haskell Language Server performance
Hello! I got started with IHP recently and think it's fantastic so far. One issue I've had is related to the performance of the Haskell Language Server in an IHP project. When it starts up, I've noticed it will peg a few cores o…
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Issue logging onto IHP cloud
Hi, I've been exploring IHP and have deployed a simple test application on IHP Cloud - thank you for your hard work to make this happen. Unfortunately, I'm receiving an error when logging onto the ihpcloud portal using by github cre…
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Feasibility of using with another DB backend
So, the necessary backstory is I have a big internal application I happen to support which is built on MSSQL, and it's at best infeasible to migrate it to PgSQL. I really would love to move away from the hodgepodge it is today, but rewr…
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psql: could not connect to server: No such file or directory
I was trying to complete the hello world tutorial (blog). After running `./start` file, the server starts and I can see all the pages. However, there is a message - ``` initdb: cannot be run as root Please log in (using, e.g., "su…
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Your First Project - Adding comments errors
Hi, While working through 'Your First Project' I am getting hung up when I adjust the Web/View/Comments/Index.hs file. I am a raw developer, so dumbed down language appreciated. Feels like something is wrong with the html conversi…
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Slack link is dead?
Hi, sorry for the noise, but I'm trying to join the Slack from the URL, but I get an error saying "This link is no longer active". Can you update the link? …
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Is it possible to change the "dev" database connection string.
I've seen previously that it isn't possible (from about 4-5 months ago), but I'm looking to see if it's on the roadmap. I've been doing quite a bit of devcontainer development these days, and like to keep my db in a sepa…
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Creating blog posts using markdown files
Hi - I've recently started using IHP for a personal blog and am finding it a real pleasure so far. One thing that slightly surprises me is that it seems storing the blog posts in the database seems to be the only way to go. This feels a…
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Slack Notifications
marc PRO
We just added slack notifications to the forum. So whenever someone opens a new thread or comments on something, a notification is sent to the IHP Slack community. This way when hanging out in slack we're still seeing what's going o…
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