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Setting Cookies
peterbuckley17 PRO
I'd like to set cookies to manage access to a service via Cloudfront. Is there a best-practice way of setting a simple cookie {key}={value}? I'm having trouble parsing through the Session cookie code for inspiration. …
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How do i run more services?
Carl Hedgren PRO
I have a service that grabs things from the internet and puts in in postgres, how do i define that in ihp? in other deployments it gets run as a systemd unit. Is the best way to run it as an IHP Job? …
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Any way to import fixtures/tables from production DB to dev DB?
Lillo PRO
Happy New Year everyone! I think I have overheard some different techniques for DB diffing to the IHP fixtures on Slack, so hope someone has some input. Does anyone know of a good way to import the database in production and hydrate the loc…
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Single-query replacement for collectionFetchRelated?
My understanding of the collectionFetchRelated method is that if I query for 100 posts, they will be returned in one query, and then if I want their comments the >>= collectionFetchRelated will then run 100 more queries to return each…
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Autorefresh as pubsub
I set up a websocket connection using this example https://ihp.digitallyinduced.com/Guide/websockets.html Would it be possible to track certain DB tables here as well? Like AutoRefresh is doing for actions. I want to push something over WS…
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How to check if column exist, update if it does, and insert new if it doesnt?
Say I have a Post with many to many relationship to tags. It's nice to add the tags as a comma separated list when creating a post. That means I need to update two records at the same time. That seems fine. However, i struggle with the …
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./start: line 29: RunDevServer: command not found
when execute the ./start of the blog example, got the following error: error: cycle detected in build of '/nix/store/mhgprkxfnmjglp547skvagf4kwikd23h-ormolu-' in the references of output 'bin' from output 'out…
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Running Consecutive Tests From ghci with hspec
If I load and run a /Main/Test.hs module to ghci from an IHP app and run the test suite one I get expected behaviour. But if a test fails and then I try to run main again from ghci prompt I get a: # PENDING: exception in beforeAll-hook …
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Where is ihp-app-to-docker-image command
bai PRO
I have ihp pro now, build the code again and everything looks fine. But I didn't find "ihp-app-to-docker-image" command, it is a pro feature and document said it can be used in the "application" folder. Where is this…
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Place to see diff between autogenerated code from IHP Versions?
Fritz Feger PRO
Is there a place where the ihp-new or „My First Project“ autogenerated code of (all or the most recent) IHP versions can be seen? Background: when upgrading to a new version I always wonder what of the boilerplate code in e.g. CSS or Layout…
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