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Incorrect rendering of special characters
Gonzalo Muñoz
Hi community! First time here. I thought I'd start with a tiny bug report. I'm seeing a lot of ASCII URL encoding literals instead of the actual character on the forum: Screenshot I'm using firefox 91 on Manjaro Linux (up-to-dat…
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Slack Notifications
marc PRO
We just added slack notifications to the forum. So whenever someone opens a new thread or comments on something, a notification is sent to the IHP Slack community. This way when hanging out in slack we're still seeing what's going o…
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"We don't need no stinking badges!" Haha just kidding. Of course we do! I'm just putting up a link to a PR related to the forum badges in case anyone has any comments/suggestions/improvements. …
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Usability suggestions
Back from holiday and trying to catchup on forum posts I thought of some usability improvements. In the homepage overview we should probably limit the size of the post previews In the homepage overview reverse the ordering of posts to h…
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