Getting Started With Integrated Haskell Platform

IHP is a full-stack framework focused on rapid application development while striving for robust code quality.

We believe that functional programming is the future of software development and want to make functional programming with Haskell and Nix available to anyone. We try to offer a solution that can be used by developers who have not worked with Haskell yet. IHP comes with everything you need to build great web applications with Haskell and Nix. We have made a lot of pragmatic decisions to get you started faster. This way you can just pick up Haskell along the way :-)

Feature Overview

Professional Use

Before open-sourcing, IHP has already been used in production by digitally induced since 2017. Therefore you can expect continuous support and development in the future.

digitally induced Partners

The digitally induced Partners offer you professional IHP development, consulting and support. All partners have experience in working with IHP projects in production can help you build fast and well-architected projects.

If you’re using IHP in a professional context, the partner network ensures that there’s always someone that can take over your project if needed.

Platinum Partners:

You can find details on the Partners page.

Example Project

Take a look at the example blog application project to get to see some code. Follow the documentation to build this application yourself in the section “Your First Project”.

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