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How to check if column exist, update if it does, and insert new if it doesnt?
Say I have a Post with many to many relationship to tags. It's nice to add the tags as a comma separated list when creating a post. That means I need to update two records at the same time. That seems fine. However, i struggle with the …
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./start: line 29: RunDevServer: command not found
when execute the ./start of the blog example, got the following error: error: cycle detected in build of '/nix/store/mhgprkxfnmjglp547skvagf4kwikd23h-ormolu-' in the references of output 'bin' from output 'out…
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Running Consecutive Tests From ghci with hspec
If I load and run a /Main/Test.hs module to ghci from an IHP app and run the test suite one I get expected behaviour. But if a test fails and then I try to run main again from ghci prompt I get a: # PENDING: exception in beforeAll-hook …
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Where is ihp-app-to-docker-image command
bai PRO
I have ihp pro now, build the code again and everything looks fine. But I didn't find "ihp-app-to-docker-image" command, it is a pro feature and document said it can be used in the "application" folder. Where is this…
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Place to see diff between autogenerated code from IHP Versions?
Fritz Feger PRO
Is there a place where the ihp-new or „My First Project“ autogenerated code of (all or the most recent) IHP versions can be seen? Background: when upgrading to a new version I always wonder what of the boilerplate code in e.g. CSS or Layout…
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Slack-like Demo returns HTTP 502
Going through the docs and wanted to check out the live demo of the Slack-Like app (https://ihpchatexampleapp.ihpapp.com/). The url returns an HTTP 502. Was the live demo taken down for some reason? Any other tips or ideas? …
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Gitpod instance broken
Gonzalo Muñoz
Hi! I tried cloning the template for Gitpod but when I fire it up, I get the following errors: Warning: haddock-interfaces: /nix/store/sar2db2iiy3dmw7sag30zgwdl299i9mq-bytestring-builder-…
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How do I trigger a job scheduled for later by setting #runAt?
Lillo PRO
Hi! I have a habit tracker on my app, and every time I mark that I have for example exercised today, I want to schedule an action to be performed just after midnight (at the users LocalTime), meaning at the very start of the following day. …
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Making a simple form type-safe
Posted a question to the stackoverflow ihp tag: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/69740767/making-a-simple-form-type-safe This one builds on the simple temperature conversion app I posted in my last question. The idea here is to have the …
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Support for dGraph
Dgraph is an amazing database! It would be great to see support for this added. …
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