IHP 1.1 is out now!
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Open an "IHP Forum" Topic?
I was just wondering if an "IHP Forum" Topic would be a good idea? That way any suggestions/improvements for the IHP Forum could be discussed there. It might also be a place to raise small bug fixes that are too small to justify a…
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Live Loading Code
I'm finding the live loading in the browser sometimes dies while I'm editing the code. My setup is on MacOs Mojave/Firefox and I'm editing the haskell code directly using VI/nerdtree. The IHP development server is still running …
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attaching to an existing database
I'm just starting to play with this and so far I like what I see, but is there a way to connect to an existing db? I'm not 100% through all the docs yet, so I may have missed it. …
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This is the first test thread
marc PRO
Hello World data Bool = True | False deriving (Eq, Show) …
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