IHP 1.1 is out now!
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Anyone had any luck with Haskell SSH clients?
I want to access and manage webservers through SSH with a web interface through IHP, and preferably get the output to print on screen. Preferably also have a way of knowing if it was successful or exited with an error. Are there any decent …
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Will reading a Haskell book help adopt a functional programming mindset?
I’ve been using Elixir on personal projects for a while (I even managed to create a dashboard tool at work using Elixir which is now on some screens in the office), but I still feel I haven’t made the switch of mindset from imperative to fu…
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Your First Project - Adding comments errors
Hi, While working through 'Your First Project' I am getting hung up when I adjust the Web/View/Comments/Index.hs file. I am a raw developer, so dumbed down language appreciated. Feels like something is wrong with the html conversi…
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