IHP Feature Voting

Let us know what you think is most important next for IHP :)

Search in the Documentation

Currently we don't have a good search in the documentation …

Stripe Integration

Basic integration for doing payments and subscriptions with Stripe …


IHP has no i18n right now …

2FA/QR codes

A standard IHP pattern for two factor authentication and/or qr code generation could be useful. …

IHP-Related Content Aggregator

Valuable knowledge about IHP is spread over plethora of sources: the Guide, IHP Slack, IHP Gitter, this forum, but also StackOverflow, reddit and of course blog posts by IHP users, some of them being linked in the Guide's recipes sectio…

Static generation and prefetching on mobile

Gatsbyjs is a static site generator that then hydrates pages. Considering you currently only host in EU having the site statically generated and on CDN would be cool, also that then also permits having client side that prefetches all links …

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