Typesafe development.

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The meetup again will stay online to be as inclusive and accessible as possible.

Over the coming days, we will announce a series of speakers that will focus on the development, implementation, and general topic of IHP while offering a stage to showcase their awesome projects and offer a stage for productive feedback!

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Past Events

Integrated Haskell Platform.

That is what IHP stands for.

But what makes IHP so unique and creates such hype and drive within its community?

Find out by trying it out yourself or listen in on our bi-monthly meetups, where we aim to share great projects realized with IHP.

Meetup #3 offered Christian Schankula and Philip Schönholzer a stage to showcase their projects and opened up a discussion about the importance of functional, developer-friendly programming.

Marc Scholten, the founder of digitally induced, the company behind IHP, rounded off the event by introducing a couple of new features and gave a sneak peek of IHP's roadmap going forward.

Functional programming.

We bring back the fun in functional.

Our second IHP meetup started off with Henry lambert from Comhlan Ltd. taking on design patterns and features he uses when building with IHP.

Finn Espen Gundersen took it from there and shared his experiences about delivering a small client-focused consulting project with IHP.

To close out the second IHP meetup, Marc Scholten, the founder of digitally induced, the company behind IHP, talked about why programming nowadays is so time-intense.

Turbo Haskell to IHP.

During our first-ever IHP Meetup, Marc Scholten started out by sharing lots of insights into IHP in general.

For example, our Open Source Release, which was on 23.06.2020!

Marc shed light on the future of IHP and where digitally induced is looking to place the product within the market.

Lars Lillo Ulvestad continued the meetup by sharing his thoughts about Haskell and IHP within the App Dill that he created.

To end our first, global IHP meetup, Zac Wood took over and talked about the lifetime of an IHP request inside the Attics API.