IHP 1.0 is out now!

OverloadedLabels in IHP


Hey y'all,

I posted the following question to stackoverflow:


Fyodor there suggested it may be a bug in the template compiler. Is that something on the IHP side? Or part of some other library where I'd need to report the issue?


marc PRO

This is a known bug :) Just answered on stackoverflow



Great answer, thanks for the explanation!

Follow up question...

GHC 9.2.1 is going to feature RecordDotSyntax. Once that's out, do you expect that users will be able to do:


instead of:

get #title post


Is that a style that you think will be encouraged? Or is there some reason (besides historical momentum and existing docs) to stick with get #title post.


That's a cool new feature! I would certainly enjoy using that syntax.

marc PRO

Yes, post.title will be the future :) We'll switch over once 9.2 is out and stable