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Running IHP on M1/M2 Mac
Hi How to enable caching on M1 Mac? Right now, it compiles everything from scratch …
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Problems With Deploying to IHPCloud
The last three attempts to deploy my project (https://github.com/unterkoefler/xcuseme) to IHPCloud failed with several different errors. First, for this commit one week ago there was this error when auto-deploying: RecordNotFoundException {…
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Need details on deploying IHP docker to AWS EC2
JGarber PRO
I need details on deploying an IHP app using docker on AWS EC2. Specifically I need to know where the SSL Certificate should be. The link from the deploy doc to http://harlambert.co.uk/ihp_notes/ appears to be broken. Thanks for any help…
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Discriminating unions
Hi! I'm new to Haskell and I'm really impressed by the modelling power of discriminating unions. Fex a zapier clone might do something like this Zap = new Record {id, trigger, actions} data trigger = timerTrigger | httpTriger ... et…
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Pulling production data base into local instsance
Joachim Breitner
I’d like to pull the data from the IHPCloud deployed instance into my local database. I tried pg_dump "postgresql://…?host=database-cloud.cephcue7lnqe.eu-central-1.rds.amazonaws.com" | make psql but the output isn’t promising: SE…
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Allowing Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
Marc Linsangan
Hello. How should we set the configuration to allow CORS? I followed the examples in the API documentation by adding "option Cors.simpleCorsResourcePolicy" but couldn't make it work. Can anyone please show how to do it correct…
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Provide support for the new Node-less Tailwind CSS // Then default to Tailwind?
Daniel Clarke
Tailwind CSS can now be used without Node (details: https://tailwindcss.com/blog/standalone-cli). Other frameworks like Phoenix and Rails already provide support for this new Node-less Tailwind, with Rails creator DHH being particulary exci…
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How to configure a favicon?
Joachim Breitner
Should I just manually add a meta tag to Web/View/Layout.hs, or is there something more idiomatic? (An answer to that question might be useful on https://ihp.digitallyinduced.com/Guide/helpful-tips.html) …
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Error installing/running latest IHP on Mac with M1 processor
Command I'm running to upgrade to latest IHP: nix-shell --run 'make -B .envrc build/ihp-lib' Error I'm getting: error: cycle detected in build of '/nix/store/jqfx8z69709v0mh0qg4ybiahiwzv5zlb-ghcid-0.8.7.drv' in the r…
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unrecognized configuration parameter "rls.ihp_user_id"
Hi everyone, I'm getting an issue when I try to create a post with a foreign key relationship to the users table. The user_id column has a default value of ihp_user_id(). I can create posts again when I remove the column. This is the…
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