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Build production IHP apps with selected digitally induced partners

digitally induced partners are top-notch IHP development and consulting companies. Each of our partners can help you build fast and well-architected projects.

No matter what your needs are in terms of resources, skills, solutions and products for the realization of your IHP and Haskell projects, the digitally induced Partner Network can help you everywhere in the world.

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Platinum Partners

Systor Vest
With over 20 years of experience in developing specialised software applications Systor Vest has extensive knowledge in top-notch web applications. Developers of Systor Vest are active contributors to IHP and have extensive experience with IHP applications in production.
Based in Limerick City, Ireland Comhlan is a young company focused on the design of quality software. The name Comhlan comes from the Irish word for complete: chosen because, at the end of a project, our clients will have the tools they need to do their job. IHP is the primary tool Comhlan reaches for to make this happen. Comhlan is an active contributor to the IHP framework and deploys IHP applications in production.
Zallocate Software
Zallocate Software is the consulting company of Zachary Wood, an active open source contributor to IHP. As an early adopter and contributor to the IHP ecosystem Zallocate Software offers an extensive expertise in building applications with IHP.