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IHP is a new batteries-included web framework optimized for longterm productivity and programmer happiness.

With IHP all your application code is written in Haskell - a functional programming with an incredible type system, used by giants such as GitHub and Facebook.

Thanks to Haskell's impressive type system you can write code that is far more robust than you have seen before.

(Don't worry, you don't need to know much about Haskell to get started, you'll learn it along the way)

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IHP is right for you if:
  • you believe software engineering should be fun
  • you think the future is in type-safety and functional programming
  • you want clear and beautiful documentation with lot's of code examples
  • you want a vibrant and friendly community of other developers
IHP is the best web framework experience I have had.
Henry Lambert
IHP is ridiculously good. I hope it makes Haskell a bigger part of the web dev industry because wow
James Foster
I have been learning Haskell through IHP. It's the best and actually simplest web framework I have ever tried. The developer experience is the best I ever had for a MVC-style framework. And I got to learn Haskell without banging my head too much against the wall. Really enjoyed it :)
Lars Lillo Ulvestad
I think in Open Source projects two things are important among other: community and documentation. I found them in IHP.
Max Bertinetti
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  • Instant Live Reloading:

    While haskell is a compiled language, the built-in dev server automatically reloads your code changes using the fastest way possible. Changes are reflected instantly. Just like good old PHP.

  • HSX:

    Like React's JSX. Write html code in your haskell files. This will be transformed to actual type-checked haskell code at compile time.

  • Accessible:

    Setup of the fully-managed dev environment takes just 5 minutes. All dependencies (even database and compiler) are managed using the nix package manager. This means dependency problems just cannot occur anymore. Also everything is guaranteed to be same for all developers in your team.

  • Productive & Fun:

    IHP comes with everything you need to build great web applications out of the box. Combined with the unique mix of technologies and a fast development process, IHP makes it very pleasant to build applications.

  • Type-safe and reliable:

    With Haskell and Nix we use the most reliable technologies available, to make sure your application will never crash because of Null Pointer Exceptions.

    If you like TypeScript, you will love IHP.

  • No Haskell Experience required:

    Code Generators will help you to quickly build things even when you have no professional haskell experience yet. Pick up haskell by building real world applications.

  • Productive Dev Tooling:

    To speed up your development process, IHP comes with a full set of web based dev tools. Including: a database schema designer, a web-based code generator, a web-based repl, ...

  • Major Operating Systems Supported:

    Windows (via Linux Subsystem), macOS, NixOS, Debian, Ubuntu

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