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For starting out with IHP
Open Source


Basic User Auth
Rapid Prototyping
Unlimited projects
Slack Community
Great Documentation


per Developer
per Month

All features from Pro plus:

MySQL (soon)
MSSQL (soon)
Role-based Access Control (soon)
Bonus: IHP T-Shirt
Commercial UseUnlimited

All paid plans come with a fallback license after 12 months of uninteruppted payment. All prices without VAT.

IHP Enterprise

For large companies adopting IHP in their engineering teams

  • Premium Chat Support
  • All features of IHP Business
  • Consultant on Demand
  • Invoice Billing
  • Warranty
  • Contact Us
IHP is the best web framework experience I have had.
Henry Lambert
IHP is ridiculously good. I hope it makes Haskell a bigger part of the web dev industry because wow
James Foster
I have been learning Haskell through IHP. It's the best and actually simplest web framework I have ever tried. The developer experience is the best I ever had for a MVC-style framework. And I got to learn Haskell without banging my head too much against the wall. Really enjoyed it :)
Lars Lillo Ulvestad


Enjoy all the unique features IHP has to offer

Email Login
Email Confirmation
Password Reset
OAuth: Login with Google
OAuth: Login with GitHub
Role-based Access Control (soon)
Dev Tools
Integrated web-based IDE
Code Generators
I18n (soon)
Stripe Integration
Docker Support
Sentry Integration
MySQL (soon)
MSSQL (soon)
Extensive Documentation
Slack Community
IHP Forum
IHP Casts
Feature Voting
Email Support
Additional Support Planson requeston request
Commercial usenot recommendedup to $ 20k gross revenue per yearunlimitedunlimited

Frequently Asked

Answers to all your burning questions in one place

A personal license is just for you and your own solo projects. You can use it on as many projects as you like.

You can even do client projects or build your startup on the Pro license. Once the gross revenue by your business exceed $ 20k, upgrade to the business plan.

The business license is for teams and companies. If you have 3 developers working on your project, you need 3 licenses. After purchasing you can assign licenses to members of your team and can add or remove them as your team changes.

Yes of course! Many IHP developers are already doing this.

Keep in mind that once your gross revenue exceeds $ 20k you should be on the business plan. This allows us to offer the Pro plan for a lower price to hobyy devs

Yes, as a student you can IHP Pro for free. Contact student-license@digitallyinduced.com for getting your student license.

Yes, IHP is used in production by individual developers and companies world-wide.

Currently there is no free trial, but we're happy to make a full refund in the first 7 days if IHP Pro is not a good fit for your project.

Yes, IHP is designed to be used by people without any experience in Haskell. Typically developers pick up enough haskell to be dangerous along the way.

When you get a yearly plan, we're happy to provide you with IHP Swag! We'll send you an IHP T-Shirt and some stickers.

We'll contact you by email to ask for the T-Shirt Size and your address.

If you get multiple yearly licenses (e.g. you're a team of 3 developers on a business subscription), we'll of course send you T-Shirts for your whole team.

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