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Running Consecutive Tests From ghci with hspec
If I load and run a /Main/Test.hs module to ghci from an IHP app and run the test suite one I get expected behaviour. But if a test fails and then I try to run main again from ghci prompt I get a: # PENDING: exception in beforeAll-hook …
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Support for dGraph
Dgraph is an amazing database! It would be great to see support for this added. …
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MySQL support
We are a mid-tier Web development company. All our clients already use MySQL and it is nearly impossible to make them consider anything else. I may be wrong, but in my experience everyone in this market uses MySQL, it is ubiquitous (though …
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One-to-zero-or-one relationship
Hey y'all, Just posted this question to stackoverflow regarding modeling a one-to-zero-or-one relationship. Any suggestions (here or there) are welcome. Hopefully the answers can serve as a reference for folks needing to setup this sort…
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Feasibility of using with another DB backend
So, the necessary backstory is I have a big internal application I happen to support which is built on MSSQL, and it's at best infeasible to migrate it to PgSQL. I really would love to move away from the hodgepodge it is today, but rewr…
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Is it possible to change the "dev" database connection string.
I've seen previously that it isn't possible (from about 4-5 months ago), but I'm looking to see if it's on the roadmap. I've been doing quite a bit of devcontainer development these days, and like to keep my db in a sepa…
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Problems using composite primary keys
I'm trying to model a many-to-many relationship with containers containing items which can belong to multiple containers with the help of a container_items table defined like so: CREATE TABLE container_items ( container_id UUID NOT …
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Transaction scope
Michael Fliegner
What is the scope of database transactions? fetch-command ( my guess ), request, session? Is there any way of controling or will there be? …
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attaching to an existing database
I'm just starting to play with this and so far I like what I see, but is there a way to connect to an existing db? I'm not 100% through all the docs yet, so I may have missed it. …
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