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Expo IHP Backend
I was just trying out a new IHP Backend project based on the expo template. When I check out the templated project and run npm install I'm getting this error: [nix-shell:~/pymodules/attics-mobile]$ npm install npm ERR! code ERESOLVE np…
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JSONB with fill
I noticed that the IHP fill function gives a could not deduce (ParamReader Value) type error when trying to populate a record field with type JSONB. The application here is just looking to store the raw JSON payload from n AJAX request. I&#…
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Running Consecutive Tests From ghci with hspec
If I load and run a /Main/Test.hs module to ghci from an IHP app and run the test suite one I get expected behaviour. But if a test fails and then I try to run main again from ghci prompt I get a: # PENDING: exception in beforeAll-hook …
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"We don't need no stinking badges!" Haha just kidding. Of course we do! I'm just putting up a link to a PR related to the forum badges in case anyone has any comments/suggestions/improvements. …
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Open an "IHP Forum" Topic?
I was just wondering if an "IHP Forum" Topic would be a good idea? That way any suggestions/improvements for the IHP Forum could be discussed there. It might also be a place to raise small bug fixes that are too small to justify a…
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Live Loading Code
I'm finding the live loading in the browser sometimes dies while I'm editing the code. My setup is on MacOs Mojave/Firefox and I'm editing the haskell code directly using VI/nerdtree. The IHP development server is still running …
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