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How do I trigger a job scheduled for later by setting #runAt?

Lillo PRO


I have a habit tracker on my app, and every time I mark that I have for example exercised today, I want to schedule an action to be performed just after midnight (at the users LocalTime), meaning at the very start of the following day.

As far as I understand, I can create a job and set a #runAt date timestamp so the job will run later, but it is a bit unclear to me how it would work.

Will that job trigger by itself at the given time, or would I need to run some command from a script triggered by a cron job?

Will be using IHP Cloud in production.

marc PRO

During development the ./start command will automatically run the jobs. So as long as the dev server is running at that #runAt time, the job will run.

In production you'll need to run the build/bin/RunJobs binary. IHP Cloud is already taking care of that, so nothing to do for you :)

Lillo PRO

Wow! Perfect, thanks a lot :D