IHP 1.1 is out now!

Nix error when using IHP on Mac M1

Adam Harris

Hi, I'm trying to get up and running on a mac M1.

I've followed the steps here: https://ihp.digitallyinduced.com/Guide/installation.html to install nix and IHP - everything seemed to work without issues.

However when I try and run

ihp-new blog 

I get the following:

We will install direnv for you now. Continue? (Type y to proceed)
error: attribute 'nixpkgs' in selection path 'nixpkgs.direnv' not found

I realise this is probably a nix/Mac M1 issue (rather than an IHP-specific issue) but any help resolving this would be much appreciated.

Adam Harris

I'm up and running now with IHP :)

However,to get the ihp-new blog command to work I needed to install direnv via Homebrew (to prevent errors like the above) and then I also needed to install cachix manually via nix.

Hope this helps if anyone else gets stuck like this.