IHP Pro & IHP Business


As the time needed for developing and maintaining IHP is growing we’ve been looking for solutions to enable digitally induced to focus on IHP in a more sustainable way. It often happens that open source projects are getting abandoned because the authors no longer have time and resources to keep up with it. As the ecosystem is growing, we want to ensure that this is not happening to IHP.

We’ve found that the best solution is to introduce a paid version of IHP targeted at developers working with IHP in a professional context. When we make a great framework that creates a lot of value for developers, we will have a lot of paying customers. When we have a lot of paying customers, we can be sure that IHP will be actively developed far into the future.

In the open source ecosystems it’s a common expectation that when you want to have a new feature, you need to write it yourself. Or you’re asking the maintainer to spend his free time on implementing the feature. With the new paid version, these roles change a bit: When you’re a customer, you can expect the feature requests to be put on the roadmap, no need to rely on someone’s free time for doing that.

With bugs we have the same story. Instead of just a GitHub issue, it’s now a customer bug. You can expect the bugs to be fixed with the next release. With open source software, you cannot have any expectations as the maintainer is free to do whatever he wants.

IHP will have three editions:

IHP Pricing

Here’s the big plan in a short form:

  1. Introduce an IHP Pro subscription
  2. Use the funding by our new customers to make IHP & the ecosystem a lot better
  3. Become the well-known best framework for building web applications

Installing Pro

Follow the steps on the IHP Website to install IHP Pro.

Next Steps After Switching to IHP Pro

Welcome to IHP Pro :-)

We recommend you try out these features after upgrading to pro: