Getting Started with IHP and PureScript + Halogen

It’s as simple as passing the --purescript-halogen option to ihp-new:

ihp-new --purescript-halogen my-ihp-purescript-halogen-project

This will generate a ready-to-go IHP app with PureScript + Halogen set up. To check that everything is working as expected, simply run ./start as usual. The welcome page should say both “It’s working” and “PureScript + Halogen is also working!”, which tells you that the setup works as expected.


If you don’t see “PureScript + Halogen is also working!” right away, check the terminal if you see [info] Success! Waiting for next file change., otherwise it could be compiling with logs such as Compiling Module.Name. Try refreshing once the PureScript code is done compiling.

Where everything is

You can find all PureScript related in ./halogen folder. The static/halogen/main.js file also loads the compiled output of halogen/Main.purs, which is the entry-point into your PureScript app.

Where to go from here

Checkout Halogen documentation