IHP comes with simple email sending functionality out of the box. It’s built on top of the mime-mail haskell package.

Generating Mails

To send a mail we first need to generate a new email template. For that open the Mail Code Generator from the dev tools.

Inside the code generator we have to pick a controller. For our example we want to generate a confirmation mail to send to new users after they sign up. Therefore we select the Users controller from the dropdown. We want our mail to be called Confirmation mail, so we enter this into the text field:

Click Preview and after that confirm by clicking Generate.

This will generate a new email template at Web/Mail/Users/Confirmation.hs:

module Web.Mail.Users.Confirmation where
import Web.View.Prelude
import IHP.MailPrelude

data ConfirmationMail = ConfirmationMail { user :: User }

instance BuildMail ConfirmationMail where
    subject = "Subject"
    to ConfirmationMail { .. } = Address { addressName = Just "F L", addressEmail = "" }
    from = ""
    html ConfirmationMail { .. } = [hsx|
        Hello World

Changing Subject

Let’s first change the subject of our mail from Subject to something more useful:

    subject = "Confirm your Account"

With this change the new subject is Confirm your Account.

Changing the Email Receiver

We also need to change the email receiver. It’s currently hard coded to As we want our email to be send to the email address of our user, we use the email field of the user:

to ConfirmationMail { .. } = Address { addressName = Just "F L", addressEmail = get #email user }

Beecause our user has a name field, we can also pass this information to our mail, like this:

to ConfirmationMail { .. } = Address { addressName = Just (get #name user), addressEmail = get #email user }

Changing the Email Sender

The email sender is set to by default. Ususally you want to use your domain here. For this example, we will stick with the for now.

Email Content

Last we need to change the email text a little bit. The mail supports HSX so this is similiar to writing a IHP view:

    html ConfirmationMail { .. } = [hsx|
        Hey {get #name user}, <br/>
        Thanks for signup up! Please confirm your account by following this link: ... <br /><br />

Sending Mails

From inside a controller an email can be send by using sendMail:

action MyAction = do 
    user <- fetch "..."
    sendMail ConfirmationMail { user }

Mail Servers

By default IHP uses your local sendmail to send out the email. IHP also supports sending mail via AWS Simple Email Service (SES). This is recommended for production.

Custom SMTP Server

Currently using a custom SMTP server is not yet supported. We recommend to use sendmail locally (the default) and AWS SES in production.


To use SES open Config/Config.hs and add a mailServer function to FrameworkConfig:

instance FrameworkConfig where 
    environment = Development
    appHostname = "localhost"

    -- ...

    mailServer = SES
            { accessKey = "YOUR AWS ACCESS KEY"
            , secretKey = "YOUR AWS SECRET KEY"
            , region = "eu-west-1" -- YOUR REGION

After that all emails will be send through AWS SES.

Email Attachments


Plain Text Emails