IHP 1.3 is out now!

Anyone had any luck with Haskell SSH clients?

Lillo PRO

I want to access and manage webservers through SSH with a web interface through IHP, and preferably get the output to print on screen. Preferably also have a way of knowing if it was successful or exited with an error.

Are there any decent Haskell SSH clients for this? Will probably use ssh public and private key files.

typed-process seems suited for this .

Also simplessh even though they don't have any examples in their docs.

And there seems to be many others, but very hard to figure out which is best :)

Or is it best to just use the low level Haskell utils that already are available?

Lillo PRO

Think I'm going to give turtle a try. The API and the docs seems great and easy to follow :) (or possibly shelly)

montmorency BUSINESS

Would be quite interested in this as well. I have a few nixos servers and have been thinking about writing a desktop IHP app to manage ssh connections, check status, and essentially push binaries and execute nixos-rebuild switch etc.