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IHP-Related Content Aggregator

Valuable knowledge about IHP is spread over plethora of sources: the Guide, IHP Slack, IHP Gitter, this forum, but also StackOverflow, reddit and of course blog posts by IHP users, some of them being linked in the Guide's recipes section. More will pop up as adoption grows. Forced shutdown of / ignorance towards some of them to enhance focus? Would be at the cost of IHP being present at places where people do look out for things.

How about collecting posts from all of these instead, per API, scraping or a way for people to submit their stuff? Comments as sub-items, but also searchable. A crowd-curated attachment of all entries to a "table of contents" along the lines of the Guides TOC, tagging like on StackOverflow, looking for inspiration at other content aggregators on how to ease access and staying on top of things...

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