IHP 1.3 is out now!

Code formatter config that is compatible with code gen?


Hello, Love hacking on IHP so far, but I am confused about the code formatting config I should use so it is consistent with formatted code, any recommendation?

Alternatively, I tried a heavy handed formatting of all haskell files of the boilerplate from ihp-new with stylish-haskell (config from the boilerplate too) but this ended up breaking the App button of the IDE.


Daniel Sokil PRO

I find that stylish-haskell works best with IHP projects, however the config file generated is out of date which could cause issues. Here is link to the updated config file, I will also update the boilerplate: https://gist.github.com/s0kil/92ac79fd650e59b62756e4737c0fab1a

Please let me know if that works for you.


The updated config works a treat, thanks a lot!