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Reactive HTML forms

JGarber PRO

If I need to implement reactive HTML forms in an IHP project how would I go about doing that? Thanks.

Daniel Sokil PRO

What do you mean by reactive? What do you want to change in the form?

JGarber PRO

I was using Keera-Hails to respond to each input keystroke, so looking for a replacement for that. The response to each keystroke was the possible valid completions that remain or if there is no valid way to complete the input then a "Did you mean x ?" message. When partial inputs were successfully parsed the model was also updated to show how the model would change if the input stopped at that keystroke.

Also (sorry for changing the subject) wondering if there is something like WxGeneric that can generate an input form given the definition of a datatype. Alternatively how would WxGeneric be used in an IHP app?