IHP 1.1 is out now!

IHP Release: 27.11.2020

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It's time for the next release of IHP: v20201030 🎉 This release mainly focus on improving existing functionality and making things more stable :) Since the last release we also reached an important milestone: IHP is now the second biggest haskell framework measured by GitHub stars - just 5 months after it's initial public release. The future of haskell web dev is happening right here 🚀

Major Changes

  • Improved Schema Designer Error Messages: Possible errors that happen when you run Update DB will now be displayed in a more useful way. Previously the error message just displayed the full postgresql output in a single line. Now the error message is displayed like this:
  • Tailwind Documentation: We added documentation on how to integrate tailwindcss into your IHP projects. You can find the guide here: https://ihp.digitallyinduced.com/Guide/tailwindcss.html
  • NPM Documentation: We also added a short documentation on how to work with NPM and the JS ecosystem in your IHP projects. You can find the guide here: https://ihp.digitallyinduced.com/Guide/npm.html
  • IHP Telemetry: To answer questions like How many people are running at which IHP version? What is the primary OS people are using IHP on? How many active users are working with IHP? we added Telemetry to the local dev server that runs when you call ./start. The dev server reports ihpVersion, os, architecture and a anonymous project id to ihp-telemetry.digitallyinduced.com. You can opt-out by setting a env var IHP_DISABLE_TELEMETRY=1
  • Schema Designer: ON DELETE SET DEFAULT: Next to ON DELETE SET NULL you can now use SET DEFAULT.
  • Postgres Point Type: You can now use tables that have a POINT column in IHP. The Point type is also supported inside the param functions.

Other Changes


See the UPGRADE.md for upgrade instructions.

If you have any problems with updating, let us know on the IHP forum. Or join our new slack.

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📅 The next release is expected to be released on 11.12.2020.