IHP 1.3 is out now!

IHP Release: 21.08.2020 (v21082020)

marc PRO

We've just released a new IHP version! :)

Major Changes

  • Numeric Primary Keys Supported: IHP now allows numeric (Serial in Postgres-speak) primary keys. Previously only UUIDs have been supported. UUIDs will still be the default. This feature makes it more simple to use IHP with existing databases and services.
  • nl2br: A new view helper has been added in this release. With nl2br you can transform \n linebreaks to <br> line breaks. Like get #body post |> nl2br :)
  • HTML Comments: HSX now supports HTML comment syntax. <!-- 🚀 -->. This has been added after someone asked for comment syntax on Stack Overflow. This was actually the first IHP-related stack overflow question we've come across.

Other Changes


To update the IHP version of your project, open default.nix and change the git commit in line 4 to the following:

rev = "0bb881e0febdf5fb8db939a6c5eb481c76a1b332";

After that run the following command to update your project:

nix-shell -j auto --cores 0 --run 'make -B .envrc'

In case nix starts rebuilding IHP (might take a while), make sure cachix is set up as expected:

cachix use digitallyinduced

Now you can start your project as usual with ./start.

If you have any problems with updating, let us know on the brand new IHP forum.

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📅 The next release is expected to be released on 04.09.2020.

If you're curious what we're also working on, click here 🔥


I'm glad to see the support for HTML comments - I was going to request the same thing :)

I went ahead and added a new tag for IHP on StackOverflow.

marc PRO

Thank you! Having the first IHP question on stackoverflow feels like a good milestone! Hopefully we see more soon :)