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#IDK Issue while installing IHP on kali linux


I've been trying to install IHP on Kali Linux (using official docs ofc), but when i came to "nix-env -f https://ihp.digitallyinduced.com/ihp-new.tar.gz -i ihp-new" and ran it that happened: "syntax error, unexpected end of file, at /nix/store/266pjkhd219bi7gi73jpkaasq5cx6k92-ihp-new.tar.gz/default.nix:1:1". I'll really appreciate any kind of help :)

marc PRO

This looks like it might have been caused by a transient network error.

Can you add a query param to force a rebuild in nix? Like this:

nix-env -f "https://ihp.digitallyinduced.com/ihp-new.tar.gz?v=2" -i ihp-new

When you run this, does the error still happen?


Nope, it didn't help a lot. But actually i' ve tried 4 Linux distributions (NixOS, Manjaro, Kali) and nix clearly works only on fourth, Ubuntu 20.04 (where IHP works perfectly too). However, thanks for helping me out. BTW If you need some additional info, you may contact me by emailing functionalgeorge@gmail.com either by writing in that thread.