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New IHP + PureScript Project Template

After we recently added support for a Elm project template to IHP, there's now also a new --purescript-halogen flag you can pass when creating a new IHP project.

Pass the --purescript-halogen flag to the ihp-new command to do the initial project setup needed for purescript:

$ ihp-new --purescript-halogen my-new-ps-project

If you already have used ihp-new before: You likely need to update the ihp-new command before the purescript flag is working. Run nix-env -f https://ihp.digitallyinduced.com/ihp-new.tar.gz -i ihp-new to update it.

This will generate a new IHP project, install PureScript and wire it up in your Layout.hs. You'll be greeted with the usual welcome page - but with a small addition PureScript + Halogen is working!.

You can now start hacking on your PureScript project. All the .purs files are located in the halogen directory. Open halogen/Main.purs and start hacking! :)

There's also a new PureScript Guide in the IHP documentation.