IHP Api Reference
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renderPagination :: (?context :: ControllerContext) => Pagination -> Html Source #

Render a navigation for your pagination. This is to be used in your view whenever to allow users to change pages, including Next and Previous.

renderFilter Source #


:: (?context :: ControllerContext) 
=> Text

Placeholder text for the text box

-> Html 

Render a filtering box in your view. Allows the user to type in a query and filter results according to what they type.

Below is an example of how this might be used in your index. Replace the existing h1 with: class="container" class="row justify-content-between" class="col-7" h1Usershref={pathTo NewUserAction} class="btn btn-primary ml-4"+ New/a/h1 /div class="col-5" {renderFilter Username} /div /div /div