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renderPagination :: (?context :: ControllerContext) => Pagination -> Html Source #

Render a navigation for your pagination. This is to be used in your view whenever to allow users to change pages, including Next and Previous. If there is only one page, this will not render anything.

renderFilter Source #


:: (?context :: ControllerContext) 
=> Text

Placeholder text for the text box

-> Html 

Render a filtering box in your view. Allows the user to type in a query and filter results according to what they type.

Below is an example of how this might be used in your index. Replace the existing h1 with: class="container" class="row justify-content-between" class="col-7" h1Usershref={pathTo NewUserAction} class="btn btn-primary ml-4"+ New/a/h1 /div class="col-5" {renderFilter Username} /div /div /div