IHP Api Reference
Copyright(c) digitally induced GmbH 2020
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initAutoRefresh :: (?context :: ControllerContext, ?applicationContext :: ApplicationContext) => IO () Source #

autoRefresh :: (?theAction :: action, Controller action, ?modelContext :: ModelContext, ?context :: ControllerContext) => ((?modelContext :: ModelContext) => IO ()) -> IO () Source #

data AutoRefreshWSApp Source #


Instances details
WSApp AutoRefreshWSApp Source # 
Instance details

Defined in IHP.AutoRefresh

getAvailableSessions :: (?context :: ControllerContext) => IORef AutoRefreshServer -> IO [UUID] Source #

Returns the ids of all sessions available to the client based on what sessions are found in the session cookie

getSessionById :: (?applicationContext :: ApplicationContext) => UUID -> IO AutoRefreshSession Source #

Returns a session for a given session id. Errors in case the session does not exist.

updateSession :: (?applicationContext :: ApplicationContext) => UUID -> (AutoRefreshSession -> AutoRefreshSession) -> IO () Source #

Applies a update function to a session specified by its session id

gcSessions :: IORef AutoRefreshServer -> IO () Source #

Removes all expired sessions

This is useful to avoid dead sessions hanging around. This can happen when a websocket connection was never established after the initial request. Then the onClose of the websocket app is never called and thus the session will not be removed automatically.

isSessionExpired :: UTCTime -> AutoRefreshSession -> Bool Source #

A session is expired if it was not pinged in the last 60 seconds

channelName :: ByteString -> ByteString Source #

Returns the event name of the event that the pg notify trigger dispatches

notificationTrigger :: ByteString -> Query Source #

Returns the sql code to set up a database trigger